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Beroun | Museum of the Czech Karst

Museum of the Czech Karst is located in the Jenštejn House, the historically most precious burgher house in Beroun. Expositions devoted to the history and natural wealth of the area, unique is the outdoor exhibition Geopark Barrandien.

Jilove u Prahy | Regional Museum in Jilove u Prahy

The Regional Museum in Jílové u Prahy specializes in the history of mining and processing of gold with a focus on the medieval gold ore district. The main exhibition Gold in the Czech Republic, whose external part consists of three unique historical mining galleries, namely St. Josef, St. Anthony of Padua and Halíře gallery.

Kladno | Sládeček National Museum

Sládeček National Museum in Kladno is located in the former director's villa of the Prague Ironworks Company, where permanent exhibitions are installed. They are devoted to the development of Kladensko area from prehistory to the end of the 19th century, when Kladno became the royal mining city. The Museum is also part of the Mining Museum Mayrau in Vinařice and the national cultural monument Budeč near Zákolany with the oldest building in the Czech Republic with rotunda St. Peter and Paul.

Kutna Hora | Central Bohemian Gallery (GASK)

The Gallery of the Central Bohemian Region (GASK) is located in Kutná Hora in the former Jesuit college and is an institution focused on its collection and exhibition program for art of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Kutna Hora | Czech Museum of Silver

The Czech Silver Museum in Kutná Hora is one of the oldest and richest museums in the Czech Republic. In its collection fund there are a number of world-renowned monuments, especially in the field of geology and medieval mining and coinage. Its permanent exhibition, supplemented annually by a number of exhibitions and other cultural events, is housed in important historical buildings - Hrádek, Kamenný house and so-called Tyl house. They are mainly focused on mining, metallurgy, coinage, history and culture of the royal town of Kutná Hora and regional history. One of the sightseeing tours of Hrádek is a visit to the authentic medieval silver mine.

Stara Hut | Karel Čapek Memorial

Karel Čapek Memorial in Stará Huť near Dobříš presents the personality and work of the writer Karel Čapek, his wife, actress and writer Olga Scheinpflugová, and journalist Ferdinand Peroutka.

Vysoka u Pribrami | The Monument of Antonin Dvorak

The Antonín Dvořák Monument is located in the neo-Renaissance chateau in Vysoká u Příbrami. It is surrounded by the beautiful Brdy countryside with the Rusalka lake and many other attractions in the area. The exhibition of the museum is devoted to Antonín Dvořák - his life, work and residence in Vysoké, and also the personalities of Count Václav Kounice and his wife Josefina Čermáková.

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